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CCEF的使命 Mission


Proclaim the Good News on Campus to Win the Young Generation for Christ








Campus missionaries are dedicated to proclaim the name of Jesus and to share his love.

They resolve to “Follow the steps of Christ and Walk with students”

Together with the students on Canadian campuses, 

They explore the path to truth; grow in study, in life, and in spirituality; aiming to live out an abundant life.

事工原則 Ministry Principles:

To serve Mandarin-speaking students in Canada

To serve with spiritual vitality, exemplary life, and ministry integrity


事工策略 Ministry Strategies:

發動群衆 Mobilizing God’s People
穿針引綫 Building Ministry Networks
身體力行 Engaging the Front Line


事工目標 Ministry Goals:

同工成長的搖籃 Cradle for Co-workers to Grow
祝福同學的管道 Channel to Bless the Students
教會與學校橋梁 Bridge between Church and Campus


CCEF信仰告白 CCEF Statement of Faith


CCEF的坚持和立场 CCEF Stands


CCEF 同工问责条例

校园主要工作 Ministries Activities

聯絡教會、建立團隊 Build Teams with Churches

協助運轉、籌劃落實 Plan, Coordinate, Operate

廣傳福音、領人歸主 Win Souls with Gospel

造就門徒、禱告跟進 Discipleship and Prayers

陪伴讀經、生活關心 Bible Study & Daily Caring


营会和聚会 Retreats and Workshops:

One-day workshop series

Bible Camps, Gospel Camps, Spiritual Formation Camps


歷史回顧 Historical Roots of CCEF

1. 團契的歷史可追溯至上個世紀初的大陸的”校園團契”

The root of CCEF may be traced back to Campus Fellowships in Mainland China in the Early 20th Century

2. 1950’s 宣教士撤離中國大陸, 開始了在台灣的學生工作。

Missionaries left Mainland China. Campus Ministries started in Taiwan

3. 1957 台灣校園福音團契于台北成立, 開展學生及文字事工。

Formation of Taiwan Campus Evangelical Fellowship

4. 1960’s 神在美國興起華人查經班。一群在台灣、北美曾受校園事工培訓的弟兄姊妹,逐漸成為海外華人教會的同工及牧長。

Bible Study groups flourished on American campuses, preparing leaders for Chinese churches in North-America

5. 1992.11 向中國學人傳福音的《海外校園》雜志在美國創刊。

“Overseas Magazine” was first published to evangelize students and scholars from Mainland China

6. 1998 加拿大校園福音團契在多倫多成立。

Canadian Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CCEF) was founded in Toronto


如何參與 Ways to Serve with Us

為CCEF事工奉獻: Make donations;

成為CCEF的義工: Serve as a CCEF volunteer;

每週固定為CCEF禱告: Regularly pray for CCEF Ministries


成為「加拿大校園之友」Become a “Friend of CCEF”;

——每年奉獻240元(即每月20元)或以上commit to offering $240 a year ($20 per month);

並以禱告、推介或義工方式來積極參與CCEF的事工pray for us, and promote CCEF ministries.


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